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about meAll covenant triumphant family worldwide have a unique form of greeting and salutation that distinguishes and positions them for supernatural blessings (Grace & Peace).

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MON 3rd----2Sam 7:1-29
TUES 4th ----2 Sam 8:1-18
WED 5th -----2 Sam 9:1-13
THURS 6th --2 Sam 10:1-19
FRI 7th -------1 Joh 3:1-124
SAT 8th ------1 Joh 4:1-21
SUN 9th -----1 Joh 5:1-21
Sunday NATAR 2015
NATAR is an acronym for “NOW ALL THINGS ARE READY”- Lk 14:17.
This is the rhema God’s servant, Rev S.O Olubiyo, heard in 1998, that led to the birth of this great work for the Master, and which has equally become the commissioning statement for this great commission. NATAR also represents the Annual Spiritual Convocation of God’s people in celebrating the faithfulness of the LORD in the impacting anniversary of the Ministry. It is a time to receive the WORD, give ourselves to prayers, to engage the ministry of the Holy Spirit for empowerment and a time of spiritual revival for impact in our world. The various sessions put together during NATAR are divinely crafted to disciple, mature, equip and empower God’s people to take full delivery of their blessings in Christ for a triumphant and unending victorious life. The highly spiritual environment births a yearning for more of God’s presence that releases prophetic impartation and unction, which opens the people to experience the demonstration and manifestation of the Power of the Holy Spirit. This year’s NATAR is a time of refilling and refreshing as the LORD opens up the Heavens for the release of Grace for supernatural breakthrough.
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