VISION: To give hope to the hopeless. MISSION: To help people discover their victories in Christ through the power in the word. Read more

Purpose Statement


We exist to bring people to Christ in order to grow in Him, worship Him and fulfill their ministry in an atmosphere of love. Read more



Triumphant Christian Centre (TCC) is a commission empowered and enabled by the Holy Spirit.

How we greet?


All covenant triumphant family worldwide have a unique form of greeting and salutation that distinguishes and positions them for supernatural blessings (Grace & Peace).

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“Worship with Us: Sundays 9am || Wednesdays 6pm.”

Every 1st Saturday of the Month by 7am (Divine Encounter)

Why Worship with Us?

A service in Triumphant Christian Centre is always a compelling encounter with the God of Heaven! The proofs are as compelling as the deluge of mind blowing testimonies of God’s faithfulness in these services under the prophetic and anointed ministration of His servant, Rev Samuel O. Olubiyo, the Senior Pastor of Triumphant Christian Centre. The Ministry is known as Word of Power Global Ministries Int’l born September 5th 1998 as a seed of greatness with a vision to give Hope through the means of preaching and teaching of the Word, effective prayer and quality praise & worship. The power in the Word of God and effective fervent prayer and intercession generates the presence of God in every service through quality praise and worship which commands uncommon testimonies as living proofs in the life of every member of the Ministry.

From the name of the church arm (Triumphant Christian Centre) which has turned out to be a household name in the city of Lagos Nigeria, the name reflects our mandate to lead a triumphant people who are Overcomers and are champions over circumstances that were contrary to their lives before they joined the commission. For instance, a long-term barrenness of 14years was destroyed through the prophetic declaration of the Word. In our services, testimonies abound of instant deliverance from sickness and madness, breakthrough of business and international open doors via the power in the Word of God through prophecies from God’s anointed servant, Rev. Samuel O. Olubiyo.

The uniqueness of the church is the high level of spirituality. The standard is very high. You can feel the presence of God literarily in every service which is the thrust of the Ministry.

TCC is bigger than the four walls of the church today because of our television Ministry “You Will Get There!” which is aired on several stations in Nigeria. The impact of the Ministry in the lives of its membership is evident in the testimonies of changed lives, victory over debilitating situations and protracted sickness and the blessing of marital fruitfulness.

TCC is not just a church, it is the Habitation of God’s presence that destroys yokes and delivers expectations to bring about a turnaround! As the commissioning statement declares, Now All Things Are Ready, what is that urgent need you have to get to your next level? All things are ready for you in TCC and as you partake of the grace in any of our services, in the name of Jesus Christ, You will Get There!


  • sister sSister S


    "I came to RESTORATION NIGHT with 4 prayer points, and to the glory of God all my prayer requests were granted the next day. Also I want to thank God for the Television ministry through which I came in contact with the ministry, since I joined the commission I have been experiencing momentum (progress) in my family."
  • testimony vidBrother J.


    I joined the ministry in the year 2010 as a confused and frustrated person, but God gave me hope through the Word of faith that is preached by the Man of God. My life has taken a new turn since the time I joined the Ministry. Within ten months, I got married and God blessed us with a child. I also desired I change of Job and God granted my desire by giving me a very good Job. Praise the Lord!

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